OMG Juice! Beetroot, Carrot, Citrus and Ginger Combo

Mixing your juices incorporates flavours which complement each other and make fabulous drinks – and as you make them fresh you can tweak the recipe to suit your mood. The quantities in the recipes are very approximate because you don’t want to be weighing the ingredients. You quickly learn to get it the way you like by eye.

OMG! beetroot, carrot and citrus with ginger juice:

I usually make a juice every day and drink it within two days; this gives the opportunity to mix the juices together.  This combo is so distractingly good, it completely converted me from a lifelong hatred of beetroot to loving it.

Juice I  Ingredients:

  • 2 parts root ginger
  • 2 part whole lime
  • 2 parts whole lemon
  • 6 parts whole orange (can be any orange including clementines, minneolas etc.)

 Juice II Ingredients:

  • 2 parts root ginger
  • 6 parts carrots
  • 6 parts beetroots
  • 6 parts apple

Fill a glass with half of each, watch the red, yellows and orange swirl together and enjoy the zinginess of citrus balanced with an earthy sweetness.


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