Coffee brewed for enemas

Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas for Budwig Protocol and Gerson Therapy

Coffee along with linseed (flax seed) oil (Eldi oils which was linseed oil with wheat germ oil)) enemas are recommended on the Budwig Protocol.  In the Gerson  therapy  coffee enemas are given up to five times a day.   There is good overview information on enemas on the Alternative Daily website.

Normally organic arabica , Coffea arabica, coffee is used, freshly brewed and administered when cooled to a suitable temperature.

Coffee plant
Coffee plant and beans


I see there is worldwide support for the Budwig protocol through various forums. This website shares information that makes it easier to follow the Budwig Diet in the UK and keep it as close as possible to Johanna Budwig’s original diet. Linseed oil and ground linseed has certainly helped me, to take more control of my own health and seeing my health improve by doing so. This is why I feel this protocol needs to be more widely known. This Budwig diet is too good not to share. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. I highly recommend Flax Farm for all of the products I use for my recipes.