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Sugar and Sweeteners

Sugar, the Warburg Hypostesis, cell respiration and oxygen

Sugar is a complete no-no on the Budwig diet.  See the Warburg hypothesis about the  lack of correct respiration which allowed cancer cells to fuel themselves by effectively fermenting sugar in the absence of sufficient oxygen.  This is called glycolysis or non-oxidative breakdown of glucose.  In 1924 the Nobel  laureate, Otto Heinrich Warburg, proposed that sugar allows cancer cells and cause tumours to grow,  This was the foundation for the recommendation  for cancer patients to avoid sugar.

Natural cold-extracted raw honey
Natural cold-extracted raw honey


Honey was sweetener of choice on the Budwig diet Continue reading Sugar and Sweeteners

Dairy-Intolerance, Dairy-Free & Vegan Alternatives

Don’t eat Dairy?

The Budwig diet is completely vegetarian but does include dairy foods in the form of cottage cheese or quark. But dairy is a no go area for some people for health and personal moral standpoint. However the Johanna Budwig offered no alternatives but  for less serious conditions you can still get the benefit of following the Budwig Diet with  these carefully selected alternatives Continue reading Dairy-Intolerance, Dairy-Free & Vegan Alternatives

Bread, wheat and gluten can contribute to serious health problems

Traditionally made slow-rise wholemeal bread is allowed

Dr Budwig allowed a slice or so of wholemeal bread on the the Budwig diet. Bread is not an optimal food because it contains very few nutrients. She allows it only if you are still hungry after the important healthy food.

The effects of wheat and gluten on your health may surprise you

But read more about the health problems that can be caused by wheat and gluten to see if it could be contributing to more your health issues than simply problems.  Continue reading Bread, wheat and gluten can contribute to serious health problems