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What is Oleolux?

Cold-pressed linseed oil and extra virgin coconut oil

One of the  best vegan butter alternatives; if you want a tasty butter alternative you can’t do better than oleolux.   It looks like butter, rich and yellow and spreads straight from the fridge.  It’s vegan, very simple to make and needs no cooking skills nor any special equipment.  One of simplest vegan “spreads” you’ll find.  It is also a good paleo “butter” and tastes good on fish or veggies.

Oleolux, flax oil and coconut oil, on buckwheat and veg
Oleolux, flax oil and coconut oil, on buckwheat and veg

A simple & delicious way to make meals tasty

Johanna Budwig created this delicious, fresh-tasting blend of linseed (flaxseed) and coconut oils lightly enhanced with garlic and onion for use on the Budwig diet.  It’s savoury, rich and tasty and a great addition to meals on the Budwig Diet.  A dollop of oleolux enriches soups, baked potatoes, risotto or any steamed veg.  Add oleolux and a little sprinkle of cayenne pepper too and you’ll make any meal more  interesting.

Oleolux is a combination of two of the healthiest fats  and rich in omega-3

Fresh cold-pressed linseed (flaxseed) oil
Fresh cold-pressed linseed (flaxseed) oil

Coconut oil has a great reputation for health, it’s a rich source of medium chain fatty acids which are an aid to a healthy immune system.   Linseed oil is a super source of omega-3.  10g of oleolux gives you a whopping 2g of omega-3.  Oleolux also contains two other superfoods, onions and garlic are rich in  allicin, a sulphur compound with amazing health benefits.Biona raw cold-pressed coconut oil

An important part of the Budwig diet

It’s an important part of the Budwig diet, Johanna Budwig recommends it for evening meals and as an option with lunch or when having the occasional slice of bread.   It’s satisfying,  adds calories to give you energy without adding carbs and helps keep blood sugars stable.


Easy to make: Oleolux Recipe

Making oleolux is  simple.  First place 100g cold-pressed linseed oil in a suitable jarin the freezer. Then gently warm some coconut oil, about 200g,  in a frying pan with half a sliced onion for 15 minutes the onion should go a light straw colour. Then add 10 cloves of garlic for a further 3 minutes.  Allow to cool a bit, then strain into the coconut oil and mix well . More details on making and using oleolux:  http://www.budwig-diet.co.uk/oleolux-recipe/ 


Store in the fridge.  Best to use within a month.



Oleolux Recipe

Cold-pressed linseed oil and coconut oil

Oleolux flax oil and coconut oil
Oleolux on veg

Oleolux is a savoury butter or topping for food created by Dr Johanna Budwig. It is a rich golden-yellow blend of cold-pressed linseed (flax) oil and raw coconut oil delicately enhanced with onion and garlic.  Cholesterol-free, rich in Omega-3 and other beneficial fats, it makes a healthy alternative to butter, cream or olive oil in everyday meals for anyone looking for tasty food and a healthier lifestyle. The garlic and onion are healthy additions and probably help the absorption of  the omega-3.

 Ingredients for Oleolux:

  • Oleolux ingredients for Budwig diet
    Oleolux ingredients

    125g Cold-Pressed Linseed (Flax) Oil

  • 250g Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil
  • 1 Medium Onion
  • 10 cloves garlic mashed



Weigh the Linseed Oil into a suitable container, preferably glass that has a lid, or can be covered, it needs to be large enough to take the coconut oil as well.  Place it in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Melt coconut oil in a large pan from which it is going to be easy to pour the oil.
Slice the onion and cook at a very gentle heat so that it is lightly straw coloured after 15 minutes.
Add the crushed garlic cloves and cook for a further 3 minutes.
Remove from heat, allow to cool a little and strain through a sieve into the chilled linseed oil and put in the fridge to cool.  When it has set it is ready to use.

Store in the fridge.

Best used within a month.

How to Use Oleolux

  • Melt into cooked veg, potatoes and buckwheat.
  • Use instead of butter on bread.
  • Use to fry with; though if using oleolux for frying do not heat for more than 1-3 mins and then only at a gentle heat.
  • Stir into risotto, lentils and soup.

Buckwheat with Oleolux

Melt 50g oleolux in a warm pan. Add 150g raw whole buckwheat groats (grains) and stir gently over a gentle heat for  3 minutes, then add 250ml boiling water and simmer very gently for 15-30 mins or until soft.

This can be made into a risotto style dish by using low salt veggie stock instead of water, adding sliced veg. such as onions, celery. carrots, mushrooms, at the very start or for softer veg such as spinach 3-10 mins from the end of cooking and sprinkle with chopped herbs, black pepper, cayenne, yeast flakes, etc.