Books by Dr Johanna Budwig

Books by Dr Johanna Budwig translated into English

These are the only books* by Dr Johanna Budwig that have been translated into English.  These and the original German versions are all available from Amazon:

  • Flax Oil as a True Aid against Arthritis, Heart Infarction and Cancer by Johanna BudwigFlax Oil as a True Aid against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases*

  • The Oil Protein Diet*

    • oil protein cookbook by Johanna BudwigISBN: 978-0969527220

This is the best book for following the diet. It has lots of recipes. Ensure you get this original version which was written by her.

  • Cancer: The Problem and the Solution*

    • Cancer The Problem and the Solution by Dr Johanna BudwigISBN-13: 978-3981050219

* These were originally written in German and are American translations.  “Leinsamen” has been translated into “flax”, so wherever you see flax written here in the UK/Europe that means linseed. (See why linseed is also sometimes flax.)  Other terms can also be a little ambiguous.

Other books currently  in English are not actually by Dr Johanna Budwig but have been written by others and deviate from the true Budwig Diet.